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Bringing Big Strategy to Small Business


With over 25 years of solid human resources experience in banking, legal, and hospitality, founder Dena Grunt brings her hands-on experience in human resources, organization development, coaching and conflict resolution to your small business.

Family wineries, restaurants, inns, nonprofits and other small businesses often need help navigating many aspects of one of their company’s largest assets: their employees. From recruitment, onboarding, performance management, effective communication, employee retention, payroll, benefits, termination pitfalls, coaching and more, let Destination HR Consulting be your navigator in all phases of your staffs’ employment journey with your company.

Destination HR Consulting is an ideal solution for any business not large enough to have an in-house HR professional. We provide your business with compliance, accountability, assistance with process management through active listening and meaningful communication that allow you and your teams the opportunity for increased productivity and compliance in the maze of California employment requirements! Through a gestalt approach to the human aspect of your staff and how it relates to your company’s overall success, Destination HR Consulting brings big strategy to your small business!

Dena Grunt of Destination HR


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HR Audit

Not sure where to start? We will conduct a thorough review of your current HR practices and provide an overall picture of where you are and how we can help.

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Job Descriptions

This is your road map for everything from recruiting, compliance to workers’ compensation, performance management, retention and more. Destination HR can ensure your company has accurate, defendable job descriptions for all your positions.

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Employee Handbooks

Is your current employee handbook up to date? Does your company need an employee handbook? We will customize your employee handbook to ensure accuracy specific to your brand, your industry and for the number of covered employees.

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California labor code requires a lot of documents for compliant onboarding of your employees. Destination HR will ensure your customized documents are on brand, fully compliant and easy to process.

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Policies and Process

Let’s talk strategy. Destination HR can help provide a clear understanding of which state and federal policies apply to your sized company. And we ensure a transparent process for your staff to ensure compliance.

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Conflict Resolution & Coaching

Every company faces conflicts. Your employees come through your door with a story, with fears, distractions, unmet expectations, unvoiced frustrations and unleashed potential. Through effective coaching and conflict resolution, I can work with you and your teams to overcome conflict hurdles and get productivity back on track.